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  • FAQs

    Q?  What Time Should I Arrive?

    If you are a new client and have filled in your new client form from the website, then 5 minutes beforehand will be fine.  If you are still to complete the form, then perhaps allow 10 minutes.

    Q?  What should I Expect During My First Visit?

    Your therapist will sit with you and go through your client information sheet to determine your general well-being, what areas you would like worked on, specific conditions that need to be addressed and most importantly if there are any health concerns which may alter the treatment in any way. For example – there are certain positions the therapist may avoid if you have a history of shoulder dislocations.  The Massage therapist will then go through a treatment plan with you, so you know what is to occur during the treatment.

    Q?  What Do I Wear During My Massage?

    Whatever you feel comfortable in.  Some people prefer to wear nothing during their massage.  Bring shorts if you want – but please make sure they are loose fitting as this makes it easier for the therapist.  Your therapist will cover you with towels during the massage to ensure your privacy is completely respected at all times during your treatment.  Comfort and ability to relax is paramount to effective treatment.

    Q?  Will It Hurt?

    It depends on what sort of massage you are having.  As a remedial / sports massage requires us to get quite deeply into the muscle, there will be a degree of pain.  However, we encourage you to give feedback throughout the massage so we are able to work through  whatever you may be experiencing.  Too much pain can defeat the purpose of the massage.  We will establish a pain scale and work within your tolerance level.

    Q?  Will I Experience Muscle Soreness The Next Day?

    This again depends on the type of massage you are having.  Some people just feel relaxed / rejuvenated / relieved after a massage session.  However after a deep tissue massage you may feel muscle soreness / bruising which may last a day or two.  People who respond well to heat, may find a hot bath later that night helpful in reducing soreness.