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  • Sydney Coastrek

    Sydney Coastrek Good luck to everyone participating in Sydney Coastrek this Friday 4th March. Having participated in the Oxfam Trailwalk last year, my 5 top tips for the next few days are: 1. Get lots of rest over the next few days 2. Hydrate - especially since temps are set to be high 20's - low 30's 3. Check all your equipment - especially water bladders for leaks 4. Blister prevention - cover up any known hot spots before you set off - so they don't become hot spots during the event 5. Get a massage - preferably before Thursday and one more -

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    Max Workouts

    Max Workouts "High intensity interval workouts, circuit workouts and strength workouts" A client recently introduced me to Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake.  I'm seriously loving his workout routines.  Great for those of us who are time-poor.  The e-book includes a 90 day  Fitness Program, comes with great easy to follow instructions with photos and the best thing its easy enough to do at home with little equipment or space needed. Great in these cold winter months and as I live in a two bedroom unit with no yard, I find it fantastic.  I have a

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