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  • Pregnancy Massage

    Pregnancy Massage

    The body goes through immense changes during pregnancy  with  extra tension in the muscular skeletal system, caused by hormones and a shift in your centre of gravity, having pregnancy massages can help relieve the physical and emotional pressures experienced during this time.

    It may also help alleviate stress and anxiety, aid in relaxation, work on muscular aches and pains and promote a sense of well-being.


    Comfort is of the utmost importance!  Our massage table has a unique massage chair headrest which enables us to have our clients in a seated position if lying face down is uncomfortable.   If  a mother to be is uncomfortable with lying face down or on their back – generally (but not always) from the second trimester on-wards – massage is performed in a side lying position. 


    Yes massage can be performed during the first trimester. However – as with regular massage, certain contraindications can exist so we ask that if are a high risk pregnancy, have any medical / pregnancy conditions that you seek permission form your treating Doctor or Midwife prior to attending your first massage appointment. Talking to your midwife or Doctor first may put your mind at ease and lead to a more enjoyable treatment.

    We use a non-perfumed massage oil and use a lighter pressure to your lower back and pelvis during the first trimester.

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